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Rubber Parts Dots

Shock absorber bushings
Bushings for steering gears
Stabilizer bushings
Shock absorber supports
Bumpers spring
Exhaust pipe supports
Engine mounts
Differential mounts
Shock absorber bearings
Center bearing supports
Suspension spring pads
Shock absorber boots
Steering gear boots
Ball joint boots
Suspension Rods
Arm bushings
Oil seals
Crankshaft Pulleys


Suspension Parts Dots

Fixing Products
Tie Rod Ends
Ball joints
Tie Rods
Stabilizer Links
Sway Bar links

Bearings Dots

A/C Bearings
Wheel Bearings
Ball Bearings
Wheel Hubs

Universal Joints Dots

Driveshaft Joints
Steering Joints


Why Choose Febest? Dots

Each Individual component of each one of our parts is made with high quality materials.

Unlike our competitors we use only high quality Natural Rubber (75%). This means that the rubber is more durable, and will last longer. The Rubber wont rub off on hand like the cheap replacement parts offered by competitors.

Febest uses High Quality Synthetic Grease instead of cheap lubricant, that means that it can handle all different weather conditions in all different terrains.

All Febest Metal Parts are Heat treated (60 rockwells)

Febest has German VW engineers handling all of our quality control. They are redeveloping the metals and rubbers to create a HIGH QUALITY, super durable, and long lasting product.

1 Year Warranty Dots

We stand behind all of our auto parts. We offer a 1 year warranty on all of our products. We put pride in knowing each part we make is quality from the ground up.